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Save On Energy Bills With Our Maintenance Services

The best way to protect your investment and to extend the life of your HVAC system is preventative maintenance services. With regular maintenance checks and tune-ups from our experienced technicians, your air conditioning and heating system will work efficiently all year round.

Heating and cooling your property can be expensive. Cut down on utility bills by maintaining an efficient system with the help of the professionals at Golden State Mechanical AC Heating and Refrigeration.

Prompt And Competent Maintenance Services

  • Air filter inspection and replacement

  • Indoor and outdoor coil inspections and cleaning

  • Electrical wiring and connection checkups

  • Pump inspection and lubrication

  • Motor cleaning and lubrication

Count On Our Over 35 Years Of Experience In Selma, CA

  • Belt examination, adjustment, and alignment

  • System function checkups

  • Repairs and adjustments as needed

  • Freon checks

  • Freon leak detection and repair

  • Maintenance calls

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What's more, we also provide a 30-day labor warranty. Call to learn more.